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Whither now Morgan Tsvangirai & crew?

DEAR Morgan Tsvangirai, I write to you as a troubled Zimbabwean who thinks the future of the MDC can only be secured if you are not part of it. The MDC is not a party that belongs to you alone. It is a people’s party and you are not above

the people.

I however, have this question for you and all your sidekicks, including Tendai Biti, Tapiwa Mashakada and William Bango. You vehemently campaigned against senatorial elections and these have come and gone, now tell us what next? What is your course of action to fight Zanu PF?

Don’t you think those who campaigned and won on an MDC ticket are better fighters than you and your faction?

Remember what happened to The Daily News and Daily News on Sunday.

While other papers decided to fight a bad piece of legislation from within by registering, the ANZ (in all its wisdom) thought they could go it alone. Where are they now? Don’t you think as a party leader, you risk rendering the MDC irrelevant if it does not participate in elections?

Don’t you think the more elections the MDC participates in, the more chances there are for you to learn how Zanu PF rigs? This will enable the MDC to come up with strategies to handle future elections.

Personally I salute all MDC candidates who participated in the senatorial elections (whether they lost or won) because they fought hard against Zanu PF while their own party, the MDC, was busy de-campaigning them.

You told people that the senate was a waste of money. Account to us how much money you spent going around the country de-campaigning your own guys? I ask again, please tell us whither now that senate elections have come and gone? Don’t just oppose others in your party without offering an effective solution to the crisis at hand.

To your sidekicks, the Bitis, Mashakadas and others who blindly follow you, we do not want another Zanu PF cabinet. It is better to have followers who publicly criticise their leader than blind followers. They should know this; they are just like Patrick Chinamasa, Joseph Made, Obert Mpofu, Ignatious Chombo and other Zanu PF bootlickers who are Mugabe’s “yes-men”.

Clinton Sitshela,


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