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Weir’s perception of China tainted

ALEX Weir seems to hate just about everything which is Chinese.

His letter “Trade with Chinese taking Africa backwards”, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 5), contains a lot of innuendo and is barely factual.

His tainted perception of China fails to recognise

the phenomenal economic progress this country has achieved in a relatively short period.

The thing which annoys me most is Weir’s lie that trade with the East, particularly China, is setting African economies backwards.

He seems to imply the continent would be better off trading with the West, whose goods he fails to tell us cost more than double.

In the USA, where I now live, just about everything we buy is made in China or somewhere in the East. The American consumer has such a huge choice — from the cheap to very good quality goods which are comparable to the West.

I feel sorry for Zimbabweans and their worsening plight.

Do they have any alternatives to cheap Chinese imports?

Does Weir seriously believe the West, whose exports are no longer as competitive as the East, is able to pacify the Zimbabwean consumer?

Nazir Lunat,

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