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Spin-doctors abet economic decay

I SUPPORT Eric Bloch’s observation regarding “spin-doctors” and economic collapse “Spin-doctors worsen economic collapse”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 2).

Spinning, particularly when it is done to embarrass, has the effect of gagging individuals wh

o want to express viewpoints that may assist in the resolution of the current crisis.

Journalists are expected to report facts and opinions. The ethics of the profession require that there be a clear separation between the two. News reporting should reflect the facts as honestly perceived by journalists while comment may reflect the editorial line of the publication.

Unfortunately, this basic rule appears to elude some sections of the media.

What is particularly disturbing is the prefacing of remarks by envoys with opinions that suit the respective newspaper’s biased editorial position that is unrelated to the comments attributed to them.

This has been particularly evident in the case of EU representative Xavier Marchal, and Swedish ambassador to Zimbabwe, Sten Rylander.

Such treatment of sources is unfair to readers, as they are the innocent recipients of this insipid indoctrination.

Spin-doctoring is unhelpful for the advancement of progressive policy. Further, such crafty treatment of sources undermines the credibility of the newspapers and works against the public’s right to access fair and accurate information. Even worse, as Bloch observed, it contributes to economic decay.


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