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Sikhala should grow up

IT’S unfortunate the MDC, in the midst of a serious and divisive row over senate elections, has among its legislators one Job Sikhala.

The behaviour of Sikhala le

aves a lot to be desired. It would not be unfair to conclude that Sikhala does not even deserve to be an MP.

Without looking much into whether MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai had flouted the party’s constitution by summarily suspending Sikhala, the not-so-honourable MP should not have responded in the manner he did.

It helps no one in the party for Sikhala to openly spar with Tsvangirai, but further foment disunity in the tottering party.

While it would be justifiable for the MDC’s disciplinary committee to determine whether Sikhala’s conduct deserves punishment, it’s clear the St Mary’s MP has refused to grow out of student politics.

Sikhala should have handled his differences with the party leadership in a mature way. He should grow up now, or he will soon discover he is not as popular as he wants us to believe. Ask Munyaradzi Gwisai.

Wati Waoneyi,


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