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Rejoice got wrong channel

THE price of your paper going up to $20 000 is being somewhat assuaged by some excellent, thought-provoking and, of course, sad and depressing written expressions.

“>Last week’s front-page headline, “Kuruneri offers $15b”, is enough to cause a person to wonder about the enormous discrepancies in our society regarding wealth. It is quite frightening. How do they get it? And play with it?

Or suffer from or by it?

Chido Makunike’s essay was as insightful as this energetic author can be.

Page 13 with the scary cartoon by Tony Namate and observant historical notes by Bill Saidi was dampened by Rejoice Ngwenya’s pleading missive to “Amai First Lady”. Sorry Rejoice, she might be a woman, but you got the wrong channel, dear.



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