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Pulling in his horns fault

I HAVE slowly been watching the drama back home unfold and it occurred to me the other day that a close scrutiny of President Robert Mugabe’s psyche and indeed his physique will reveal that the god-like reputation that has been asso

ciated with his name is a gross misrepresentation that has caused him to assume a status akin to that of an indomitable giant.

On the contrary, an in-depth analysis of this man’s psychological profile will reveal actions triggered by motives such as paranoia, which is loosely defined as obsessive and unreasonable fear. A few years ago I read one writer’s attempt at trying to unravel what makes Mugabe tick and that particular writer chose to ascribe Mugabe’s delusionary behaviour to the psychological phenomenon known as projectionism.

It is not my intention through this brief synopsis to digress into the nuts and bolts of elementary psychology, but instead I wish to reveal to the bewildered Zimbabwean public that the owl indeed does not have horns. I admit again that I am not the first to try and do this but I intend to actually point out what the horn-like objects on the owls’ head are.

The “horns” on the owl’s head that make it appear so dominant and indestructible are in fact a pair of pointy ears made of flesh and blood and feathers just like the rest of the owl’s body. Put simply, Mugabe is a fearful vindictive little man who has manipulated the world around him to assume that he is a giant.

Zimbabwe’s problem is not Mugabe. The problem we have in Zimbabwe are the army and the police who collectively through their actions keep him in power.

The time has come for the opposition and indeed anyone else who seeks to promulgate permanent change in Zimbabwe to literally confront the owl by its horns. All the ranting and raving we hear directed at Mugabe everyday does nothing but entrenches the deep-seated belief among our armed forces that he is indestructible -— in their eyes he has grown in stature to a point where the legend that he has become has been rendered indispensable.

It is my belief that if Zimbabwe is to ever come out of the current mess, the masses and the leadership in the opposition need to deal directly with the armed forces. I am not advocating armed confrontation since this will obviously be futile.

However, I believe that if Mugabe’s cronies in the top leadership of the army can have the audacity to issue commands to soldiers to go and destroy shacks in residential areas where even they themselves live, it is time for progressive forces within Zimbabwe to engage in a war of hearts and minds directly aimed at the same armed forces.

I believe that a persistent and concerted effort aimed at exposing the shenanigans of armed forces at grassroots level will go a long way in exposing the owl’s horns. After all the majority of people in the army and police are dirt-poor and only the top brass are living well. Dealing with them at grassroots level allows them to also share a sense of the general bewilderment with the povo.

Baba Mbezo,

New Zealand.

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