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No to this mediocrity

THE result of the Algeria/Zimbabwe World Cup qualifying match on June 20 left me convinced that Zimbabweans as a people have sunk so low that mediocre performances are acceptable. Anyone who has an eye for soccer will agree with me that d

rawing with Algeria was not good as some people are suggesting.

The issue here was not about the hostile reception which the Warriors received, neither was it about the Algerians improving their play. It is about our team, our players and our football that needs a lot of developmental work before we can start expecting miracles like going to the World Cup.

To start with, can we have players in the national team who cannot control the ball? Is it in order that we can have a goalkeeper who does not know that it is his duty to cut crosses?

Can we stoop that low as to accept defenders who allow free headers in the box? Does it make sense for a midfield player to spend 13 minutes without touching a ball? Can we say we have strikers who always stay in one position and wait for the ball throughout the game?

It really boggles my mind. For people to hail the team for such pathetic play leaves me wondering as to what kind of trash we are going to say this is not it.

The previous win against Gabon was again hailed, save for some few right-thinking people who stood up and said the win was a fraud. I feel it’s high time we stopped accepting mediocrity from all spheres of our lives and demand what is good because we deserve it.

If the coaches cannot do it, it’s better for them to go. I am one person who had faith in Moses Chunga but with this performance, I am sorry to say that my faith is petering out with every game.

Ndingi J Mutarauswa,


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