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Muchinjo must do his homework

I DO not know how many games of cricket your reporter Enock Muchinjo has played or at what level, but I suspect he has played very few at any level, if at all, judging by the quality of his reporting.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The Independent of August 26 carried two articles by this “knowledgeable” sportswriter.

In the one article “Zim’s cream in for Videocon One-Day” he makes several pronouncements that need some detailed comment to prove his very shallow and, consequently, unprofessional journalism.

For example, he states that one “Stuart Carlisle’s only hundred in international cricket was against Sri Lanka two seasons ago”.

Yet the records show that this “top order” batsman has, in fact, scored five international hundreds and five other hundreds while on tour with the Zimbabwe team overseas. In fact, over the last two seasons, before the so-called “rebels” stopped playing, Carlisle scored more hundreds for Zimbabwe than the rest of the Zimbabwe team put together. These include two against Australia, one against India and one against Sri Lanka.

I suggest Muchinjo does a little more homework on the facts before embarrassing himself, his editor and the much-valued Zimbabwe Independent publication that is renowned for telling the truth.

MJ Clarke,


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