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Mbeki scores for Africa

I TOTALLY agree with the action taken by South African President Thabo Mbeki (in firing deputy President Jacob Zuma). For the first time, Mbeki has scored a point on issues of democracy and good governance in the context of the southern A

frica region.

Time is long overdue for Africa to be serious about its own development. You cannot make progress when corruption is endemic in your society.

Empirical evidence in many parts of Africa has shown that corruption is a cancer that has consumed and laid to waste vast amounts of development potential.

Corruption must therefore be rooted out whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head. Of course there is corruption everywhere in the world. The difference between Africa and the developed world is that in Africa families actually go without food, medicine, shelter, education and so on as a result of corrupt practices.

Listening to British Premier Tony Blair on BBC addressing a meeting in France on issues concerning development in Africa, one is left with a clear impression that Blair appreciates the issues hampering progress on the continent more than most of the African leaders put together.

Given that there are serious initiatives that are underway to assist those countries on the continent whose leadership is genuinely concerned about the plight of their citizens, the scourge of corruption cannot be allowed to interfere and frustrate these efforts.

Well done, Mbeki. You have given hope to millions in the sub-region.

Charles N Dengedza,


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