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Many sleep in the open

SINCE Operation Murambatsvina and its completion, thousands of those affected are still sleeping in the open and have not yet managed to build or have access to decent lodgings. Only a few are managing to pay rentals.

We are very bitter about the way lodger matters are being currently handled. We have been reduced to destitution at the hands of greedy landlords who have devised modes of ripping us off.

Property owners are charging as much as $1 million per room. According to our research, we found that one room in Highfield costs a minimum of $800 000 to $1,5 million and in Mabvuku $1 million to $1,5 million.

This is being done against the average salaries of $2 million to $3 million. There is a take-it-or-leave-it scenario that leaves lodgers with no alternative means of accommodation.

Even though the government has been trying hard to provide stands, the proceedings are being affected by the failure to provide necessary documentation needed in order for developers to start work.

Developers and housing schemes are waiting for ages before the certificates of developing are processed. Because of the need to own houses, people end up violating the building procedures.

We kindly urge the Ministry of Local Government and all responsible persons to make sure that they act in the spirit of promoting the building of houses and that they speed up all matters and tackle bottlenecks affecting the development of housing in Zimbabwe.

In order to ease the housing problems, we urge the authorities concerned to allow beneficiaries of peri-urban residential stands to be allowed to start residing at their stands while in the process of building.

Zimbabwe Tenants &

Lodgers Association,


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