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Gono is there for you

I EMPATHISE with the individual from Banket who wrote about difficulties he is facing with regards to accessing foreign currency proceeds (Zimbabwe Independent, June 10). I fully appreciate where he is coming from, since I have faced simi

lar constraints myself.

I applaud him for the bold steps that he has taken to encourage exports to Mauritius. The success that he reports to have made, through his “Zimbabwe made” campaign, bears testimony to the potential that our country has in as far as competing on the world market is concerned. To me, it also lends credence to the assertion that the Zimbabwean economy can come out of its doldrums for as long as we work hard towards that goal.

I implore the individual from Banket not to give up on the inroads that he has worked so hard to make in Mauritius. I encourage him to keep going on, considering that his actions, if complemented, should help in alleviating the economic burden that is heavily weighing down development in Zimbabwe.

The best that I think this exporter should do is to talk to Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and his team at the Reserve Bank. Do not give up!

Privilege Kunyenda,


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