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Dairibord’s sour side

WHAT is wrong with senior company management these days? No longer do they care about customer satisfaction, but are seemingly more intent on finding ways of making even larger profits. Below I give a typical example.

I purchased Dairibord’s Kadoma Blue Cheese from a retailer in town, of which I foundto be obviously old and inedible on getting home. On closer inspection, I noticed no expiry date, but the remains of a carefully removed label.

As I had thrown away the shop receipt I had no proof of purchase, so I raised the issue withDairibord. What a mistake!

On phoning Dairibord’s customer service department, I was put through to quality control. The individual who responded unfortunately has no public relations skills, trying to pass the blame on myself!

Later that day another man phoned and said that he would replace the product. Well, this did not happen, so I faxed the CEO, who obviously is too busy or too important to concern himselfwith customer satisfaction.

With hindsight I should have reported the matter to the municipal health authority and let them suffer the consequences. Perhaps then Dairibord’s CEO would change his priorities!

M Leppard,


**** We thank you for affording us the opportunity to respond to this letter to the editor.

Regrettably Mr Leppard’s fax to our CEO could not be attended to personally as it arrived while he was away on leave. However it was attended to by a senior manager within the organisation.

Mr Leppard is a long-standing consumer of Dairibord products and as such we apologise for the time it has taken us to replace the product. Our investigations show that Mr Leppard did indeed contact DZL with a complaint on May 30 regarding some Kadoma Blue Cheese. The quality control department made a decision to replace the cheese in question.

However, Mr Leppard’s instructions were that the cheese should be delivered to his gardener at home. On the two occasions that our quality control manager visited Mr Leppard’s home neither he nor his gardener were at home. We remain committed to replacing the cheese and will contact Mr Leppard to this effect.

We are however baffled by the removal of the best-before date on the cheese, because all our products leave the factory with best-before dates intact.

Since consistent product quality is a key area of focus for our organisation, any customer complaints are dealt with seriously, hence the personal involvement of our quality control manager.

Busi Chindove,

Director Corporate Services,


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