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Commuter operators don’t deserve subsidies on fuel

DOESN’T selling fuel at subsidised prices to commuter operators defeat the whole purpose of giving them priority, considering that they have hiked their fares?

Surely, the purpose of the scheme is to cushion commuters from paying unreasonable fares each time the fuel

price is increased.

After procuring fuel from designated service stations at subsidised prices, the operators proceed to fleece the commuters on the basis that fuel price would have gone up.

It is equally dismaying that despite the numerous road blocks set up every morning, the police have ably assisted in this daylight robbery by not doing anything to alleviate the plight of the commuters.

The government should at least try some other legislation to protect commuters. Government should stop forthwith providing fuel if at the end of the day it is not helping the intended beneficiaries.

Lance Saungweme,
Epworth, Harare.

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