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Coloured: black or white?

I REALLY feel sorry for Bertram D Tabbett (Zimbabwe Independent, August 26) but the “coloured” people of Zimbabwe during the Ian Smith regime sided with the white people.

s-serif”>They never wanted to be identified with the black people and we all grew up thinking the “coloured” people were for the whites.

In the United States, the mixed-race people made it clear they were black and never wanted to be called “coloureds”. To them to be called “coloured” is an insult. Now they want to be called African-American.

In Rhodesia, it was a different story. The mixed-race people wanted to be called whites but when they did not qualify they settled for “coloured”. Very funny! Ask any one of my age, we treated these people as second in line to whites and they wanted it that way.

Henry Bob Bwande,



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