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Celebrating tyranny

WITNESSING Zanu PF’s well-nourished legislators singing and dancing “revolutionary songs” in celebration of their “historic” constitutional amendments, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What a surreal exhibition of remoteness from th

e reality of the lives of the struggling, suffering Zimbabweans they purport to represent.

The nation is in crisis. The government is deep in debt. Many Zimbabweans – though obviously not Zanu PF legislators – are starving. There are chronic shortages of many essential items.

So what does parliament do to address these issues? Absolutely nothing except taking steps to further entrench themselves in power.

A senate is created to provide more patronage to more political deadwood. Private property rights and redress to the courts are severely curtailed. The right to a passport is under threat.

That some of these legislators claim membership of various religious denominations made the whole sorry spectacle even more nauseating.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru comes immediately to mind, especially when just last week she addressed an international gathering of the Salvation Army assembled at the National Sports Stadium, proudly wearing her new Salvation Army uniform.

I am surprised that no one has taken the Salvationists to task over their total silence during the recent Operation Murambatsvina campaign by this regime as the homes, livelihoods, and basic human rights of the poorest Zimbabweans were disregarded and trampled upon.

When the vice-president dresses up in her Salvation Army uniform does she have any idea of the origins of the Salvation Army – a concern to assist and provide for the growing numbers of poor and destitute during the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom?

Is this sorry band of Zanu PF parliamentarians even less connected with the real world they have created than was Adolf Hitler in his bunker as the Second World War came to an end?

Why does the MDC continue to waste its time participating in this mockery of a supposedly democratic institution? Why engage in debate when there is not one single Zanu PF member of parliament with the political courage or personal integrity to ever do anything other than obey the dictates of his or her master?

Next time Reuben Barwe or any other media sycophant refers to this “august” house please excuse me if I choke. For the benefit of the semi-literate who purport to bring us the news, the word “august” means “inspiring reverence and admiration”, “venerable” or “impressive”. Sycophant means “servile flatterer”.

RES Cook,


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