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Wrongly assaulted by CIO agents

ALLOW me space to address this open letter to the Minister for Security Nicholas Goche and the CIO boss in Mutare.

Two rogue and irresponsible CIO officers in Mut

are recently assaulted me at what turned out to be their offices.

I was looking for the passport office when the incident happened. Not knowing that I was at their office, I looked at their reception and noticing that there was nothing suggesting it was a passport office, I decided to try the next entrance in the government buildings.

Two officers that I had not noticed called me back and asked who I was to be looking at their offices. They did not wait for me to reply as they started assaulting me.

Not knowing who they were, I thought of flooring them both as they did not look like good fighters but something at the back of my mind urged caution.

The one who looked obese was more enthusiastic in his self-imposed duties of assaulting me. The other slight and light boy seemed not sure that they were doing the right thing.

During the commotion and noise a lot more officers came from the offices to the reception area to witness the spectacle. No one intervened or made efforts to restrain the two officers.

I am sure to the spectators that scene was normal in their lives. I had my national identity card and passport but they sought no positive identification. I reported the incident to Mutare central police station: case number RRB 0524183 dated January 21.

When I went back to the CIO offices with a young and naïve police officer, he expected me to identify the perpetrators at the reception area.

When I protested that my attackers were hiding in the offices and sought to speak to the CIO boss to lodge a complaint, the police officer said the CIO boss was above the police officers’ own rank so he could not talk to him without seeking clearance from police chiefs at the central station.

I would like to pay tribute to the police officer that had the courage to write a docket despite what I could sense were efforts to discourage him by colleagues. I would like the responsible minister and the CIO boss in Mutare to know that their officers assaulted an innocent member of the public.

What they did was a cowardly act that can only be done by rogue people of low self-esteem and zero professional conduct. Obviously feeling brave with guns in their jackets and the full wrath of the government behind them, they felt zealous in defending their territory.

Their actions are neither the standard method of debriefing an enemy nor the best way to endear your agency to an informer.

I was neither an enemy nor an informer but a defenceless member of the public. There is nothing at the offices to show that it is a restricted area or private property. I am sure the two officers felt good after the incident and might even get a promotion.

I would like them to know that what they did was wrong. I know they will never be identified and the case will never be brought before the courts but I want Zimbabweans to know that such things happen in a Zimbabwe we cherish as free and fair.

I hope the Mutare CIO boss will do something to rearrange the entrance to their offices so that members of the public cannot easily access the place.

I would like to believe that the two officers are sour grapes in an otherwise professional agency.

If a great number of officers in the agency are sour grapes then God help Zimbabweans and surely we are damned as a country!

Obey Mhondera,


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