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Why this silence on Zim’s saviour?

I FIND it disturbing that the governor of the Reserve Bank Gideon Gono casually informs the High Court that, far from committing any wrong, former Finance minister Chris Kuruneri, who is currently on trial for illegal externalisation of f

unds, actually rescued Zimbabwe from catastrophe when he chipped in with the US$500 000 transferred into a South African account “in the national interest”.

Why then did Gono stand by in silence while our innocent saviour languished in remand prison for more than a year? How did Gono know that Kuruneri possessed such a huge quantity of foreign currency in the first place, and where did Kuruneri get this money from?

Perhaps Gono unwittingly gives the game away when he rambles on unintelligibly about the story of a sick mother needing urgent medical attention.

“I have the greatest appreciation of the help that accused gave to save my mother then,” Gono tells the court, referring to Kuruneri.

Apart from his real mother, there is only one person in Zimbabwe who could possibly fit the bill of being the political mother and father of Gono. I can only disclose his identity in camera.

“Extraordinary circumstances sometimes demand extraordinary dealings of circumstances,” Gono told the judge, whatever that means!

Could this same defence not apply to the many other bankers who were hounded out of their banks and Zimbabwe by the same Gono when he was appointed governor? It now turns out that Gono should also have been targeted. Can these bankers now return to Zimbabwe and explain in camera the circumstances surrounding their respective alleged misdemeanors?

I hope Gono’s principals found his performance in court last Friday or anywhere else before then, for that matter, entirely satisfactory.

Chenjerai Ngozi,


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