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Why drag politics into God’s house Musindo?

I DON’T know whether to call them political or gospel crusades. But what I really know is a certain man asserting to be a servant to God who preaches at these gatherings.

a, sans-serif”>I wonder whether Obediah Musindo is a politician or a pastor — I mean a spiritual one!

From my point of view, Musindo is a Zanu PF puppet (sorry if you are one of his church members), very good at preaching Zanu PF principles whilst hiding behind the banner of gospel.

I don’t think this man has a conscience at all. How can he show such

disrespect and fearlessness to God by bringing politics into his house.

Besides turning a church organisation into a political arena, Musindo goes on to fuel hatred among our citizens.

He speaks of Zanu PF as if it is the chosen party, at the same time verbally attacking opposition parties. I also wonder whether his followers, members of Destiny of Africa Network, are real Christians.

It shows indisputable insanity for one to proclaim coming from a church service whilst coming from one of Musindo’s crusades where the “vote for Zanu PF” gospel is always preached.

Reverend, it is no sin being a politician but a sin to use the Bible as a tool for crafting politics.

Although everybody loves money, your love of it is just too much for it negatively affects your spiritual life and drifts you away from God.

May I humbly ask you to shed the preaching business of yours and become a real politician. You never know, you might make it in the forthcoming polls, or choose to be a true servant of the Lord — which I doubt you can ever be.

Chakurungama Nyamashuka,


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