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What Minister Chombo should lose sleep on

AT one of his campaign rallies in Gwanda President Mugabe was quoted as having said that there are many things which happen and he usually is not aware of because sometimes he is lied to, or simply not advised.

ONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>It is upon that statement that we would like to use the medium of your paper to express our displeasure at the speed with which Housing minister Ignatious Chombo came to Manyame Park in Chitungwiza after the president had addressed a rally in the town at which he promised the people that overflowing sewers would be a problem of the past as government would take over their service and maintenance and also promised that construction of a 4km trench would begin immediately, which as per his word was done and finished within two days.

To our dismay, it’s now almost three weeks when digging of that trench which is one-and-a-half metres deep and stretches from Chaminuka Primary School down to Manyame river was completed and lies open, ready to maim anyone unfortunate enough to fall into it, particularly children.

The questions that people ask now vary, but the most frequently asked is how a minister of government could be so heartless as to authorise the digging of such a death trap especially during a period of election. And leave it open too!

A trench that is 4km long and dug at the behest of a cabinet minister, beginning at a primary school where little children cross everyday is something one would expect Chombo to lose sleep over until it is covered.

One wonders if Chombo still remembers ever causing that trench to be dug.

A community like ours which took its local authority to court over sewers had rejoiced that at long last the government was going to fix the indirect life-threatening sewer problem and now finds itself faced with a grave second one created by government. One wonders angrily therefore, as to who to expect love and care from.

Do the leaders know that it is human beings with brains that they so contemptuously look down on?

Moses Mazhande,

Manyame Park.

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