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We’re watching you Morgan

AS MDC, we are greatly concerned with the level of policy inconsistencies within Morgan Tsvangirai’s group.

The MDC is back on track and is in the process of positioning its structures for any future elections and people-driven processes.

We do not recognise T

svangirai as the president of the MDC, but we appreciate his input towards the growth of the MDC in Zimbabwe.

Events within the party since the October 12 2005 National Council meeting reignited a new era, new leader, new ideas and new strategies of carrying out the people’s mandate.

As an opposition political party we shall continue to use political ways in confronting the challenges ahead of us and shall not be taken aback by financially-motivated fake rally figures given by local and foreign media houses since we are a movement guided by principles.

Threats by activists such as Morgan Femai will not be taken seriously since the party has some other serious business to do rather than listening to day-dreamers who rely on bootlicking for political survival.

There are sound relations between Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and the other faction’s leadership that comprises its president, Professor Arthur Mutambara, Professor Welshman Ncube, Fletcher Dulini Ncube and others.

Amateurish statements by political upstarts in the mould of Paul Madzore, Femai, Paurina Mpariwa and others will not be entertained.

We shall put up posters, hold rallies and reclaim all assets in their possession until they stop unleashing terror on our members.

Serious human rights violations by the Tsvangirai group will be monitored and dealt with accordingly.

Kurauone Chihwayi,
Information and
Publicity Desk,
MDC Harare Province.

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