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Vote Mugabe and stay in your Zim!

WHAT is happening in Zimbabwe should be taken care of by Zimbabweans themselves.

Zimbabweans cannot be taught how to vote for a government of their choice. They a

re accountable for whatever happens in their country. If they think the situation in Zimbabwe is good for them, then they know what to do. If they think it is not good, still they know what to do.

The people of Botswana do not see eye-to-eye with people who mess up their country by voting unwisely and then flood foreign countries as economic refugees. Their government has been, and will continue, disciplining all those who try to illegally enter their territory by scaling the fence into Botswana.

May I remind Zimbabweans that the Botswana government has erected a 480km electric fence along the Botswana/Zimbabwe border which they switched on recently.

If Zimbaweans thought Mugabe’s party is good, they should have voted for it and stayed in their country instead of voting for it and then travelling to Botswana to look for “piece work” because we can now see that they are spoilt.

We try to help them but they break into our houses and terrorise the people of Botswana.

After their so-called election, should they sneak through that electric fence, they will go into graves in Botswana because we are fed up with them. The people of Botswana cannot take it anymore.

Dikgang Tau,


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