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Supa Mandiwanzira’s argument is uneducated

SUPA Mandiwanzira’s letter “China is factory of the world, believe me”, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 6) cannot go unchallenged.

It lacks depth and

is badly deceptive. It can only be sung by none other than him.

As a starting point, he says Stanbic is a Zimbabwean bank owned by South Africans. What does that make of it? It is a South African bank period.

Lever Brothers in Zimbabwe is an American company and BP is a British company just like Total is a French company.

Only those who do not understand companies will put forward that argument. It is similar to saying Trust Bank which offered 6% of its equity during its listing became a public company because of that 6% it floated — that’s trash. Its ownership never really changed. Supa doesn’t understand this.

In fact, he goes on to say that the computers we use are made in China and that the world’s biggest TV manufacturer is in China. That does not change anything.

After a careful look at their costs, Western companies saw that the world’s cheapest labour was in the East and deliberately decided to locate their factories there.

So, brother Supa, it is Western companies that are milking the sweat of the Eastern countries and in fact Western companies are willing and able to take over any start-ups in those regions as long as they have upward potential.

Talk of Philips, Nokia, Siemens, IBM, General Electric, Microsoft, Coca Cola, General Motors — you name it — they all have plants there.Where these companies come from, they rule.

Supa didn’t tell us something — China is being westernised. Supa knows the real Chinese stuff, the so-called Fong-kongs in South Africa.

By the way, does Supa drive a Chinese vehicle or does he have the intention of buying one from his current trip? I expect a big “No”.

Who therefore is fooling who? Supa should write well about China, otherwise he would be dealt with by the Communists — you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

At least China has shown the world that it has the capacity and willingness to welcome foreign investors and let them operate while providing its people with employment. In return, Chinese products find their way into the biggest market in the world — the US — where the world’s richest consumers are. China could not have done it alone.

Japan never did it alone. And no one will do it alone. China needs space for its 1,3 billion people and those guys want to get out so they can have more than a solitary kid without a problem. Mind you, they are supposed to have one in China.

Supa however did not tell us that Christianity is literally banned in China.

He did not tell us that Christians operate underground because the Communist government thinks it is not in line with Communist principles.

Imagining a Zimbabwe with such religious bans may well be out of the question, but who knows what the “Look East” policy will bring us?

In conclusion, Supa’s argument is uneducated. He doesn’t see things clearly and seems to be still a minor regarding complex analyses of political and economic issues.

The West drives China, the West invested in China, and the West buys from China big time.

China mostly supplies labour to Western companies. I didn’t quite see what Supa wanted to make of China. We know it. I shall not comment on his “self-funded” trip.

Yes, he has the money, but would he be willing to allow me to seriously analyse his rise from a mere ZBC reporter to what he is and make that public.

Zimbabwe/China relationships are for such people as Supa. Never mind the oppression of certain sects of the population as long as they live well.

Patrick Mlambo,

New Zealand.

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