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Sell and save the animals

I AM a pensioner who like others, battles to make ends meet, but I try every month to make a small donation to the SPCA for the wonderful work they do for hurt, abandoned and ill-treated animals.

na, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I visit their premises in Hatfield which are pitiful to say the least, run down and obviously in need of attention. Then I attend my church on the Enterprise Road and find they have a very upmarket head office nearby in a very elite area of town.

Why on earth do they need such prestigious premises when their organisation is in such desperate need of funds? Surely, if they own that property, it could be sold and the money put to the use of animal care. They could set up and tidy up offices at the Hatfield Road branch.

I am sure that property on the Enterprise Road is very valuable and one wonders how they could afford to buy it. I wonder if my small donation is being used to improve the lives of the animals, or paying the rates on such an exclusive property.

I remember being told by Mrs Meryl Harrison of the SPCA that so many smalltown SPCAs were forced to close down because of lack of funds. Why can’t they be reopened with the money raised from the sale of this totally unnecessary property?

Rebecca Cartwright,


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