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Security agencies are for Zim, not Zanu PF tools

I WOULD like to express my views concerning disturbing news that the opposition parties are being barred from taking their campaign trail into the army and police camps.

-serif”>This is no surprise at all as our government controls these institutions which it has turned into part of the Zanu PF campaign apparatus in crushing opposition demonstrations and disruption of their rallies.

When will President Mugabe and his government officials realise the roles of these governmental institutions?

The police, army, prison services and the intelligence organisation are supposed to be non-partisan.

These organisations are for Zimbabwe and not Zanu PF but sadly, their leaders have openly declared their political affiliations.

It is disturbing that our Zanu PF-led government continues to meddle in the operations of these organisations.

If the MDC cries foul, those ignorant of local politics would dismiss their allegations as unfounded and baseless.

A democratic country would have a clear separation of roles for these bodies. Our government has infused these organisations into Zanu PF, making them an extension of Zanu PF that acts with impunity when it comes action against the opposition.

Let’s come up with a clear demarcation of roles for these organisations and stop abusing their duties for political gain.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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