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SA rejoices over our misery

I CONGRATULATE the MDC for a fight well fought with their hands tied behind their backs.

I am not an MDC supporter but an advocate for democracy. I doubt very muc

h if the election result reflects the will of the people hence these few concerns:

l With so much oppression from the current government, I don’t believe the people would overwhelmingly vote Zanu PF back into power;

l You would think with so much poverty and hunger in Zimbabwe, most people are bound to vote with their stomachs. Rural folk who supposedly “all voted” for Zanu PF are at the bottom of the economic food chain and are therefore affected more than the urban electorate. Zanu PF might have support in urban areas but it is not as huge as that shown in the result;

l If attendance at rallies is any yardstick for popularity, then the MDC pulled more to its rallies than Zanu PF — even in the rural areas; and

l Whatever happened to the uniformed forces’ secret balloting held under no credible witnesses’ observation?

My conclusion therefore is that this result defies logic. I’m sure Zimbabweans have also learnt one huge lesson: We shouldn’t rely on outsiders to help us in our struggle for democracy. The South African government is becoming our worst enemy.

It seems they expect us to live in a lesser democracy than theirs, as if we

are less human. SA’s observer mission leader said “Zimbabwe is a different country” meaning they judged the election by lower standards and do not expect us to enjoy the same privileges as they do.



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