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Reserved judgement: what’s that?

THE Zanu PF government is very vindictive. For a political party which has been in power for such a long time, the generality of the people expect it to have mellowed into a tolerant party.

ial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Sadly, the case of jailed MDC former legislator Roy Bennett who has been jailed for felling a reckless minister shows otherwise.

We shouldn’t forget this gallant white man whose only offence was defending his personality. Let us not abet a system in which two systems of law operate – one to deal with the opposition and the other for Zanu PF.

Our government should be aware of the fact that opposition party members will one day in the near future have their day and that will be a day of retribution. To pretend otherwise is being like an ostrich which sticks its head in the sand.

Zanu PF legislators should be magnanimous enough to forgive Bennett and release him from prison. No one in the country has suffered so much for so little than Bennett.

I do not understand why the court reserved judgement. Can you Mr Editor please enlighten me on this one. What will be the use of a verdict given months after the court hearing?

Is the Supreme Court judge on the side of Zanu PF, seeing that Bennett’s punishment seems to be prolonged?

I call on all people to pray for Bennett and all other prisoners who are languishing in prison for political reasons.

K Dube,


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