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Pope John Paul’s death should spur us to fight on

AS the world mourns the death of Pope John Paul II whose fight for social justice and human dignity was without question, my wish is that Zimbabwe and other countries suffering from the misrule of the likes of President Robert Gabriel Mug

abe should not be forgotten.

Pope John Paul II stood for human dignity and it will be an honour of the late Pope’s wish if the whole world would not forget the plight of the Zimbabwean masses.

There has been a catalogue of rigging in the just-ended parliamentary election in Zimbabwe.Carefully hand-picked observers from South Africa and the African Union have assisted the government to subvert the wishes of the people by conniving with President Mugabe to steal our vote.

We understand the president and his cronies are prepared to defend their loot and have already threatened those who will embark on mass action. To him the advice is simple: “Zimbabweans cannot take it anymore. And like Ian Douglas Smith, your predecessor whose skills you adopted and perfected, your days are numbered.”

The South African observers, save for the Democratic Alliance, behaved like vultures coming to endorse the demise of a sick victim (Zimbabwe) in exchange for protection of their businesses and properties in the country.

President Mugabe knows that he lost the election but his contempt for democracy and fear of punishment for his deeds persuaded him to accept manipulated incorrect figures in his favour.

How this makes him happy, one wonders! But the hour shall come when he will face the music because the will of the people will one day prevail.

The people of Zimbabwe should not despair. Neither should the international community give up.

If Zimbabweans are asked, with all their Pan-Africanism that goaded them into helping South Africa gain its independence, who is better, US president George Bush and British premier Tony Blair or SA president Thabo Mbeki and his Nepad, the answer will be seen as anti-African.

To Bush and Blair we say: “ We are embarrassed to seek help from you because our own leaders cannot give us the freedom.” How many of our children are in America and Britain because Mugabe has taken the farms but cannot feed them any more?

In the rural areas where I live, people have been stripped of their citizenship and reduced to beggars and Mugabe’s subjects. I don’t want to sell my country but the only people who can help are Blair and Bush.

There are many ways through which we can be helped.

We can no longer rely on the courts as we stand no chance in hell because both the judges and the prosecutors are biased. President Mugabe has won the election but the people have lost.

The MDC has done well to give President Mugabe a very long rope to hang himself but he does not seem to realise it. He can cheat the people but he cannot cheat himself.

He knows that he lost this election and he has no legitimacy.

We now await a protracted struggle to regain our vote and the MDC will be expected to provide the leadership. It is not the time to blame the people’s party because we know it won the election only to have victory stolen once again by Zanu PF. I call upon all Zimbabweans to be prepared to take up their positions in the trenches.

South Africa’s ANC dominated the observer mission team in numbers so that it would appear like many observers endorsed the demise of Zimbabwe but we know how many they were. In our efforts to reclaim our vote, we realise that Cosatu is behind us.

The Central Intelligence Organisation, police and army, judges and prison services know that President Mugabe is illegitimate and should allow the people of Zimbabwe to defend their vote.

They buy food from the same shops we buy from and their children need schools, hospitals and an economy which is well-run. But President Mugabe is an obstacle to all this and progress.

How can people trust a man who has repeatedly stolen votes from the entire nation. Lest we forget Mugabe did not win the presidency that he is enjoying today and has simply added more Zanu PF parliamentarians to his side. Zimbabwe arise and reclaim your power!

Tichafa Mapfumo,


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