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Operation Nyama yet another scandal

IT is scandalous that “Operation Nyama”, started with the blessing of the government to feed people for a limited period which ends on December 31, is still underway.

ica, sans-serif”>Scandalous too is the fact that in the case of elephants, only the younger ones with big and valuable tusks are being slaughtered, and the older ones bearing less valuable tusks are being spared.

Who is getting the proceeds from the sale of the tusks? Certainly not the National Parks for the benefit of wildlife and the tourist industry.

Game is being so severely depleted that some tourists have complained about not seeing any on their game drives; watering holes being deserted because animals now know they will be shot, watering holes no longer being topped up because the people who have been spending money doing this for the benefit of our animals see no point in continuing since the thirsty animals that dare go there are being remorselessly slaughtered.

Some recent American tourists were so sickened at seeing the dead animals discreetly but not efficiently covered over with branches and leaves that they asked what the fees being charged by the National Parks were being usedfor and intend reporting the indiscriminate killing to their Congressman on their return home.

Nobody in Zimbabwe’s government seems interested, though all profess to need, and are spending millions of dollars on seducing tourists back to this country.

“For what!” one might ask. Greed comes before need, in their opinion.Yet another scam to put money into the pockets of people employed “at the top” in Zimbabwe, no doubt with some shared among the employees of the National Parks.

In an election year, this is yet another question to be asked of the Fraud Squad. What are they doing about this particular fraudulent exercise?

One might also ask what the animal care organisations are doing about it. At this time in the country’s dire economic distress, when every cent raised or donated to them is required desperately for saving our animals,spending millions of dollars on a house in Highlands for activities which, right now, are completely frivolous and unnecessary and do nothing to help our animals is completely out of line. And the spending there does not seem to be ending.

It seems that Zimbabweans pay lip service to conservation efforts and where there is the quick buck to be made, all morality goes out of the window.

Norma Keatley,

Mandara, Harare.

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