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Only time will tell who failed the people of Zimbabwe

MOST Zimbabweans have been misled into believing that Morgan Tsvangirai is a  political messiah whose mission to liberate the people of Zimbabwe has been stalled by his colleagues who decided to break from the MDC mainstream.

It has been claimed by Tsvangirai himself

that those who broke away from him are a group of power-hungry tribalists who wanted to wrestle power from him.

I will not dwell much on Tsvangirai’s fallacious and baseless claims, most of which have long been proven to be false and been discarded into the political dustbin with the contempt they deserve.

It is not correct that those who challenged Tsvangirai’s political legitimacy after the October 12 2005 debacle were bent on trying to wrestle power from him. This is totally false.

Those who have lived with Tsvangirai and under his administration will testify that while the man is articulate on political issues, he is a disaster in administration and totally lacks the necessary skills required of a leader.

For six good years, the man lived under siege, unable to extricate himself from the web of indecision and fear of the unknown. He was a virtual prisoner who could not sift through the rubble of information supplied to him, especially by those who sought to gain favours from him and those who capitalised on his administrative weaknesses.

But once Tsvangirai gave legitimacy to information supplied from the rumour factory via the kitchen cabinet, he began to lose faith in the advice from the elected office bearers of the party.

The kitchen cabinet got control of the president and began to determine the menu that was suitable for his appetite and at what interval he would get his meals.

The situation got to a stage where Tsvangirai became so paranoid that he lost trust in virtually everyone in top management and was now deriving his authority and guidance from his kitchen cabinet. No decision or resolution from either the national executive and national council would be implemented without the  blessing of the kitchen cabinet. He would clandestinely seek guidance from the kitchen cabinet before taking a position.

No one up to this day has ever tried to demand that this  group account for the resources they used.

It is sad and unfortunate  that the people of Zimbabwe, who had built so much hope and faith in the MDC now have to contend with the new reality: that Tsvangirai may not be the messiah they thought he was. — Own Correspondent.

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