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Only rigging can secure Zanu PF victory

I HAVE been following with great interest the promises that the ruling Zanu PF has been making to the electorate.

In short, they have been promising heaven on ear


From Independence in 1980, I have viewed Zanu PF as the Messiah that we have all been waiting for until November 2004.

I have learnt that they are a party bent on ruthlessly dealing with those who stand up for their rights.

We went for an industrial action as teachers on October 13, 14 and 15, 2004. Our salaries were withdrawn in November and December 2004.

Hearings were held and to further add salt to injury, we were alleged to be guilty and further fined one month’s salary at the present rate.

This is in sharp contrast to what they claim to be — champions of democracy.

Can any one in his/her normal senses vote for them?

They need to resort to their tradition of rigging if they are to secure victory.

T Ganyavhu,


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