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More Chinese revolutions coming our way

ALLIANCES have been evolving since the great times of the First and Second World Wars.

England, USA and France united to tackle the stubborn and irresistible Germ


Away from alliances in battle and onto trade alliances: My lovely motherland which I will never abandon come what may, is in another revolution.

The situation in our country is appalling to say the least. Every item essential to our survival has gone beyond the reach of the majority owing to either high prices or scarcity.

There are three distinct Chinese revolutions. Of these, two are ongoing and the third has since been proposed but with much potential.

The first revolution was based on clothing, electrical and engineering industries.

The less durable goods were exported to Zimbabwe and because we had no choice, we welcomed the consignments because of the low prices only to realise eventually that like steam, they ran out rapidly. And because of this they were branded Zhing Zhongs.

Then came the automotive revolution which took the transport industry by storm.

Our own compatriots in the diaspora sent home some commuter omnibuses procured from London bearing messages in Chinese although most were said to have been made by Japanese companies.

Zupco came in with full force and bought Isuzu and FAW bus models direct from China via Kenya.

The latter are not going to last longer than a mere BMX bicycle because of their design. The sump is so low that it hits the humps and buses now avoid routes with humps.

Aeroplanes are here as well. “Buy two and I will give you one for free”, is the catchword.

The third and final revolution is the language one, which will enable locals to do trade with the Chinese.

The next thing we expect is the offer to the Chinese of land and rural homes.

Collen Mariba,


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