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How to restore the glory of Harare

THE streets of Harare, once known as the Sunshine City are littered with rubbish to levels so disgusting you cannot comprehend what kind of people take ownership of such an eyesore.

vetica, sans-serif”>How did this come about? You may want to know. It is what I term the “One Square Metre Syndrome” (OSMS) where an individual throws litter a metre away from their feet. This effectively means any litter one metre away from where one stands does not affect them. They are comfortable, this makes it their comfort zone.

OSMS is a serious disease that has to be treated and it is most distressing to note that over 90% of the inhabitants of this once glorious city are infected. It stems from lack of guidance by the parents to their children from generation to generation.

Can we then expect anyone to take responsibility for anything if all we care about is the one square metre around us. To further complicate the extent of this scourge, by maintaining your OSMS, you are encroaching into another’s space, and no one minds.

Other cities around the world have realised the need for inhabitants to take responsibility for the upkeep of their cities and have managed to rescue the cities from dumpsters.

This involved somewhat unconventional methods of communicating the need to abide by social dictates. This included actions like spraying with water for fouling the street, citizens’ arrests with fines paid on the spot and such ingenious deterrents.

One that I believe would be first of its kind would be holding pens in the middle of the city for a minimum of one hour or picking up litter to fill a garbage bag if one is found to be infected with OSMS.

On the core of social responsibility would be for individuals and corporates to have trash cans dedicated to them after donating for their installation at places of their choice anywhere in the city.

I am prepared to be the first to respond if the council takes up the idea. Anyone smart or crazy enough to join me? Everything the light touches is your kingdom. I believe such drastic action will go a long way in restoring our city to its former glory — and at no cost.

Being an internal auditor, I implore the city council internal auditors to include an evaluation of the efforts that the city administrators are making to keep the city clean. Being smart is not a political issue. Join me. The Harare Smart Team, Bringing the Sunshine back into the City. Contact details jmachache@metbank.co.zw 011 408 448.

Jazinda Lawrence MacHache,


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