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Help CFX pay out account holders priorities

IT appears that central bank governor Gideon Gono is prepared to spend trillions of dollars in an endeavour to resuscitate the ailing parastatals, an act which surely is as good as sending “good” money after bad, as the majori

ty of the parastatals have, over many years, been a drain on the economy and the taxpayer.

Gono also gave his approval to the Century/CFX merger culminating in an amalgamation of the year. How well he did his homework has been proved by the collapse of the “marriage”.

I wonder if Gono would consider sparing just a few trillion dollars to pay out the poor suffering individuals and companies who have lost their money due to his poor homework.

There is no doubt there are many others like myself — retired pensioners — who put their savings into this merger and as a result — through no fault of their own — are heading towards destitution. Some companies affected in a similar way are probably facing bankruptcy resulting in thousands of jobs being at stake.

I am of the opinion that the good “doctor” must have a soft spot somewhere in his heart and will, as suggested, transfer a few trillion dollars from the excesses being allotted to the parastatals to CFX so that their account holders can be paid out.

Destitute Pensioner,


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