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Go now, Chigwedere!

THE story you carried last week on the wrecking of a government vehicle by Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere’s son cannot just vanish without comment.

I commen

d your paper for the factual information contained in the report. With certainty if Chigwedere had a human face he should throw in the towel.

I refer your readers to the noble act by the former Education minister, the late Edmund Garwe. When his daughter “saw” a ZJC examination paper, he resigned from his position because he believed he had betrayed his position.

After all, ZJC is not any qualification of note in the modern mix of things.

Chigwedere’s son has made the government $119 million poorer and yet he had no authority to drive the car. It’s time these people look themselves in the mirror and make sane decisions.

Chigwedere has failed our education system and has now become a very serious liability to the nation through his actions. Are the police going to arrest Chigwedere for fraud considering that he filled in the accident report tendered to the permanent secretary even though he was not driving the car at the time of the accident?

MN Clever,


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