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Find alternative to Homelink

I WOULD like to throw in my views about the opinions expressed by the esteemed Zimbabwe Independent publisher Trevor Ncube.

Whilst I may disagree with the alterna

tive he seemed to be proffering, I agree that it’s time to consider a “third way”.

I believe that all Zimbabweans, including us in the diaspora, can play a small, yet effective part by ensuring that as long as Zanu PF and its cronies continue to bite the hand that feeds them, we stop feeding them.

We need to desist from the “Mr Micawber Syndrome” that has seen the majority waiting around for something to turn up without doing anything whilst the minority rides roughshod over us.

Look at taxes for instance. Zimbabweans are one of the most highly-taxed people in the world yet they receive arguably the worst public services. Whilst the laws back home make it difficult for ordinary citizens to withhold taxes, nothing stops the three million plus Zimbabweans outside the country from ensuring that their repatriation of funds doesn’t benefit the very people who have driven them out in the first place.

A certain pink newspaper due to its not-so-often publicised links with the country’s central bank governor appears to be at the forefront of promoting Homelink and making it appear to be very successful.

As a disenfranchised Zimbabwean who is outside the country and not allowed to vote, I feel very strongly that if President Mugabe and his regime don’t value my vote, then they should not value my hard currency.

I hereby call on all Zimbabweans in the diaspora and in the UK in particular to remember that, every time they send money via Homelink, they are playing a small part to shore up the regime. All we need to do is send our hard-earned currency via other means — and plenty are available.

It is incumbent upon all exiled Zimbabweans to realise that the farce that is the Reserve Bank auction system, promulgated by a man whose financial institution was at the helm of speculation activities, will be exposed for the sham that it is if we for just one week withhold our precious foreign currency.

I know I will be viewed as unpatriotic, but then I feel that my country, through its spineless judiciary and gerrymandering president has been unpatriotic to me.

Baba Mbezo,


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