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I WANT to express my outrage and disgust at Sky News’ summing up of the interview with MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, broadcast on Sky News television on the evening of April 2.

Helvetica, sans-serif”>Their reporter’s comments which insinuated Tsvangirai is “a man without a plan” can only be described as both naive and utterly insulting to say the least! The reporter had obviously not done his homework with regard to the dynamics that govern Zimbabwe and the persecution that Tsvangirai and his supporters have endured since the inception of the MDC.

What the MDC plans to do with regards to the March 31 election result is still to be made public.

Did the Sky reporter honestly expect the MDC president to divulge his strategy — bearing in mind the treason charges he faced — along with the lengthy and costly legal battles that have drained the MDC’s resources and patience?

Zimbabwe is not a democratic country and freedom of expression is limited. Zanu PF will seize the slightest excuse to re-arrest Tsvangirai. Indeed the party has publicly stated, ahead of this last election, that they would, and I quote : “bury the MDC”.

This election was rigged and does not reflect the wish of the people. They have been denied their inalienable right yet again to a free and fair election.

Sky News should take steps to educate this reporter on Zimbabwe’s current political landscape. In my opinion a more seasoned reporter would have done a better job. I expected better from Sky News.

Bernice Stewart,


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