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Dongo still has a role to play

THREE weeks ago, former MP Margaret Dongo announced that she’s contesting Harare Central in the March poll as an independent.

Further, she made a spirited p

itch for a third political option. Two questions spring to mind, and they may be answered with one shot.

Do our politics have a place for Dongo, the independent?

Are our politics in desperate need of a third option?Our politics are in a state

of complete polarisation. You either belong to Zanu PF or to the MDC. If you belong to neither, you don’t count. You’ve no voice and are not represented.

The two parties disagree on everything including the inter-party dialogue, Sadc principles, foreign and economic policies, and the conduct of elections.

The ruling party is accused of being an enemy of democracy while the opposition is accused of being a puppet of the West and an enemy of the state.

Forget the coming elections; we’re in a quagmire and will still be after the last vote is counted.A third political option is required, but only on condition.

It has to be different in attitude, tact and approach to the two main parties. This option has to accommodate pressing issues and excite the politically apathetic.

It has to introduce a new “political culture” that challenges the current narrow self-interests and instil in us the hope that there is life at the end of the tunnel.

This option would need to speak with a new language that heals the old wounds and give voters a new sense of community, diversity, fairness, tolerance, ethics and social justice. This is a tall order.

Politics always beg for new ideas. Dongo, in the limited space she’s had in the press, seems to have some idea about how we could cultivate a new political vision.

Should we agree that we need a third option in the political game as she suggests, then we certainly need her.

Malcolm Richards,


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