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Biti’s commentaries delusional

MANY thanks to Denford Magora for his article “Disappointed by Biti’s selective use of truth”, (Zimbabwe Independent, February 4).

I indeed shar

e the sentiment that the MDC secretary for economics, Tendai Biti, has lost focus in his unjustified criticism of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono.

The article shows that Biti has no grasp of economic principles whatsoever and that the MDC is shooting itself in the foot by making such uninformed comments, particularly as parliamentary elections draw near.

I am a sceptical individual, and I at first found it hard to believe that any

good could come out of the Reserve Bank. However, where good work has been done, it should be acknowledged.

Putting aside petty jealousies and childish criticisms, it is evident that Gono has done considerably well in his economic turnaround policies.

Prices are more stable than before, fuel is more available in the country, and

so are basic goods and services.

Magora is right when he observes that indeed Gono’s passion has “rescued the situation for many Zimbabweans”.

While it is good to criticise, I think that Zimbabwe is in dire need of individuals who offer solutions to some of our predicaments.

Those with nothing to offer should at best keep their mouths shut.

Lovemore Takayendesa,


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