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Amazing city of Harare

THE current blitz by armed police on street vendors in the capital is quite puzzling to say the least.

What puzzled me most was the human resources which were put

into the exercise.

Firstly, it was the police who rounded up people and confiscated their wares. Some people are still waiting to establish the fate of their goods which were seized in a typical case of the police trying to reap where they did not sow.

Secondly, it was the military which I believe were itching to demonstrate their prowess — but thanks to the docility of the Zimbabweans — failed to get even the slightest excuse to fire a bullet.

Thirdly, it was ironically the Harare City Council, a local authority we are made to believe has no resources to collect refuse in the city, which instigated this action.

The council all of a sudden managed to mobilise people and vehicles who worked hard and swiftly to clean up the city. How amazing!

Ndingi J Mutarauswa,


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