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All was above board’

I REFER to the letter “Zesa too arrogant”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 8 and wish to respond as follows:

In October 2004, Zesa commenced cutting a

14-metre clear-cut line from Madziwa mine to Natural Stone Export Company mine in the eastern side of the Umfurudzi safari area.

* A way-leave form (E33) was submitted to the National Parks on September 6 2004 as the owners of the land, advising them of the project which Zesa intended to embark on in the afore-mentioned area.

This was approved and signed by the National Parks office in Bindura and thereafter the project commenced. This means that prior consultation was undertaken and authority granted in line with the governing electricity Acts (Chapter 13:05 and Chapter 13:19);

* The lines have to be accessible for purposes of maintenance and therefore should be as close to the road as possible. The lines also criss-cross several times in an effort to try and avoid cutting down some of the huge trees along the clear-cut line;

* In clearing the way-leave for the electric line, Zesa has tried by all means to retain the huge trees for ecological reasons. Furthermore, the by-laws pertaining to clearing land for electric lines state that 7,5 metres on either side of the route must be cleared;

* The electric line goes through a way-leave route approved by the National Parks and Zesa did not violate the agreed principles between the two parties.

In addition, the National Parks approves all developments taking place on their land; and

* We are therefore distressed by Iain Jarvis’ blatant attack on Zesa in the manner he displayed.

Jarvis must note that whilst Zesa takes cognisance of the importance of the “wilderness”, it has a national, mandated obligation for the total electrification of the whole of Zimbabwe — be it rural, urban or safari.

Members of the public are encouraged to get in touch with our stakeholder relations department if they have queries pertaining to our infrastructure and quality of service to enable us to speedily and amicably resolve these rather than going to the press first.

The department can be contacted at 25 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, or PO Box 377 Harare.

O Nyatanga,

Zesa general manager

(corporate affairs).

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