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Zanu PF’s attempt at deception

WHAT I love about Zanu PF is their almost child-like duplicity. Expect the worst and you will never be wrong.

The latest attempt to hoodwink their critics is the move to “allow community broadcasts”. Oh, how bold and noble this s

ounds! But what is the real reason behind it? With Zanu PF there is always the propaganda reason which is supposed to hide the real reason for any action.

The real reason is that they are becoming increasingly panicked at the restlessness of the people, and so want to step up the deluge of propaganda through these community radio stations which will supposedly be “independent”.

However, when it comes to issuing broadcasting licences these stations will be seen to be about as independent as The Mirror and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings. Does anyone in their right mind expect that independent radio stations that broadcast unbiased and truthful news and views will be allowed? Of course not. This is just another rather pathetic attempt at deception, which I hope no one will swallow.

Charles Frizell,


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