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We’ll not be hoodwinked

I’M responding to letters by Msekiwa Makwanya, “Rally figures conceal more than they reveal”, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 12) and “A meeting with Arthur evinces a better verdict”, (Independent, May 5).

align=justify>The first letter urges people not to dwell on numbers but the message MDC pro-senate faction leader Arthur Mutambara sends across.Makwanya is trying to hoodwink the readership into believing Mutambara’s diaspora meetings which I attended were worth the travel.

Mutambara‘s Manchester meeting was disastrous with a turnout of around 35 while the London meeting had over a hundred.

It is surprising that Makwanya says those obsessed with numbers were not disappointed. The author contradicts himself.

The previous week he urged others not to read too much into numbers but listen to Mutambara’s message, the following week he turns a blind eye, telling us the meetings had healthy attendances.

Makwanya is entitled to his opinion but it is clear he is one of Mutambara’s lieutenants engaged to wage a propaganda war on the internet and print media.

That is natural in any political landscape, but the sad thing is that your paper will be associated with lies and the Jonathan Moyo-type of propaganda which will lose you readership.

Makwanya is a columnist on newzimbabwe.com, a notorious Cardiff-based website fanning ethnic divisions whose stories make a mockery of the words New Zimbabwe, given the ethnic tensions it has created among Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

Makwanya and other reporters there are known to have told the world Mutambara addressed crowds of 500 in Manchester when he failed to attract at least three dozen.

Makwanya needs to know that not all Zimbabweans will fall for these cheap falsehoods. The Budiriro by-election result confirms this.

How can Mutambara address 500 people away from home then also have 504 people voting for him back home?

It was also interesting to read another letter by Kurauone Chihwayi, one of the media propaganda chiefs, telling us before the election that Tsvangirai was “out of the race”.

It is clear these men are writing as image makers for Mutambara but the noble thing is to form their own paper to spruce up Mutambara’s image before they tarnish the image of this paper (the Independent).

It is also worthwhile to urge Mutambara to form his own party bearing a new name.

He surely can’t rebrand a party which he never formed and in which he commands no support.

Given the disastrous performance of Zimbabwean political professors, I find it hard to convince current students to study up to professorship.

On the same note, where is Trudy Stevenson, Job Sikhala and Paul Themba Nyathi? Is the pro-senate all about Mutambara, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Welshman Ncube now? Leaders rise through the ranks and do not jet in to take over factions. Jonathan Moyo formed his own party, he didn’t form the pro-Tsholotsho Zanu PF faction.

Mutambara’s cyber columnists and print media correspondents will not hoodwink Zimbabwe into the wilderness.

MuGrade7 WekwaGoredema,


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