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Tsvangirai following Mugabe’s dictatorial path

A NUMBER of people have written to the independent press blasting the so-called Welshman Ncube faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for, among other things, putting their interests ahead of popular wishes. <

What surprises me is that even educated and presumably analytical people who write articles for the Zimbabwe Independent seem to sympathise with dictatorship in the mould of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Some have naively tribalised the whole issue.

I beg to differ and call on all Zimbabweans who are serious about true democracy to make a critical and deep analysis of what is going on in the MDC. Try to put the tribal or regional factor aside and understand what the secretariat is trying to achieve.

The so-called Ncube faction is being wrongly accused and I think they are the only guys in the MDC fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe. What they have done is to create checks and balances in order to prevent wanton abuse of power by the presidency or any other element in the MDC, thus avoiding taking us back to a Zanu PF-like dictatorship.

Tsvangirai keeps telling followers that he is fighting to remove a dictator from government. Is he being sincere? Does he know what democracy is?

I further ask this question to Zimbabweans: how many court decisions and constitutional provisions has President Robert Mugabe flouted or laughed at?

Have we forgotten that Mugabe has his own mafia that ensures his wishes – no matter how unconstitutional or illegal they are – are followed? Is it not because of dictatorship that we find ourselves hungry or jobless?

Tsvangirai is following the same path that Mugabe has gone through. It always starts with dictating to your own party and then you use state machinery once in power to dictate to everyone.

I am sure some guys in the so-called Ncube faction do not support senatorial elections, just like you and me, but they are forced to. I must hasten to say though that in some cases councillors in the national council voted in a manner that did not represent the views of the provinces they represented. This is a structural or procedural defect in the MDC constitution which should be attended to and ensure that the will of the people prevails.

The other way would have been to avoid going to vote and simply say as a party we are not going to associate ourselves with an expensive venture like the senate. Yet we should not forget that having voted, results should be respected.

As Zimbabweans, let’s try to think what would happen if Tsvangirai – with his dictatorial and mafia tendencies – woke up tomorrow as president of Zimbabwe.

Just imagine the level of disregard for constitutional provisions or other institutions that he disagrees with.

Let’s think seriously about what the MDC secretariat is trying to achieve. To me they are doing their job very well in ensuring that democratic institutions are respected and there is no constant flouting of the party’s constitution.

I used to have respect for Tsvangirai but with recent events, especially the mafia-type tactics being employed, I begin to see that the guy is as dictatorial as Mugabe. Let’s not create a dictator because we are desperate for change.

Tiny Murefu,


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