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True hope in tough times

DEVASTATING disasters and troubles seem to be engulfing the world, causing distress and disillusionment to many people. Yet ours is the most wonderful age in the world’s history, with tremendous advances making life easier in so many area


However, in spite of all the advantages, lots of people lack real peace of mind and inward happiness, and I think one of the reasons for this is the neglect of reading the Holy Bible and thus the great hope it offers is lost.

This hope is described in the Bible as “the peace of God which passeth all understanding”.

The real benefits come from reading the Bible oneself and not from listening to what other people think it says.

To help your readers make Bible reading a habit, and to read the whole Bible in a year by reading selected portions each day, I shall be pleased to send a free copy of a 20-page Bible Readers’ Calendar for 2006 to any who care to write for one.

I make this gesture now so that they will get it in time to put into action a New Year’s resolution to read the Bible daily and gain the joy, peace of mind and true hope the Bible offers.

Marcus Heaster,

St Martins,

49 The Woodfields,

S Croydon, Surrey,

CR2 0JH, England.


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