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Student loans a pittance

THIS is both an appeal and enlightenment to the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education over the $3,5 million loans which were promised to students at all universitiesaround the country. I understand some of the money has already been d

isbursed to students in other universities.

I hold the opinion shared by many of my comrades out there that that the money is just too little considering the hyperinflationary environment and the ever-escalating cost of living and academic materials. Spread over the year, the money translates to roughly $300 000 per month — far below the minimum wage and poverty datum line.

At an institution like Solusi University where we are coughing up almost $20 million in fees and must fork out a minimum of $1,5 million per month on food only, this is just too little.

I suggest that the government doubles the amount or alternatively adjusts as the inflation rate increases. After all, supporting students should be the cornerstone of a responsible government’s education policy if it is genuine about manpower development in the country.

Asher Tarivona Mutsengi,

Solusi University,


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