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Sold contaminated food at Chicken Inn

I WONDER how many Zimbabweans could be aware that every time they buy take-aways from Chicken Inn they put their health at a serious risk.

I had the misfortune to spend a cool $5 million on highly-contamina

ted chicken and what they claimed to be chips that even the beggars and vagrants declined to accept when offered.

It’s very nice of the holding company Innscor to declare trillions and “zillions” in profit, but if those profits are made at the expense of the consumer, that in a first world or even a second world country, will constitute fraud.

Surely by now, whoever runs these outlets must realise that heating and reheating and mircrowaving the same food day-in and day-out, puts the consumer’s health at a serious risk.

After consuming some of their moldy chicken and very dark chips, I had to frequently visit the toilet for nearly a week.

My sincere wish is that Zimbabweans could join me in boycotting Chicken Inn outlets until they change their attitude to
realize: health first then profits later.

Leslie Vollenhoven,


Chicken Inn had at the time of going to press not responded to this letter sent to them on Monday.

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