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Ncube can’t be this daft

I’M one of many optimistic Zimbabweans who still believed in this country’s salvation by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). But what has been taking place within the party is a very disappointing development.

Not surprisingly, the public media is having a field day dedicating their front pages to headlines detailing the problems bedevilling the MDC.

The disagreements the MDC is having over participating in the senatorial election should not have taken place if these people still believed in the idea of the MDC as an opposition party.

What shocks me most is Welshman Ncube’s attempt to justify participation in the election. For such a learned person he is displaying ignorance at the highest level.

Does he truly believe that the MDC can make any difference in the senate or, more accurately, does he think that Zanu PF can allow the MDC to have enough numbers in the senate to make important decisions? I think not.

What has happened to the MDC’s accusations that Zanu PF rigs elections and what makes the senatorial elections any different?

Don’t they find odd the overwhelming support they are receiving from the so-called “political analysts” who always try to outdo each other in attacking the MDC? Even President Robert Mugabe made a comment on the issue, showing that the MDC’s involvement was necessary so as to legitimise the election in the eyes of the international community and many of its critics.

The only people who stand to benefit from the re-introduction of the senate are the senators themselves – that’s why I have to ask again why Ncube and his followers want the senate. Could it be they have succumbed to the lure of power and money like Zanu PF people?

I think that Ncube and the other people in the MDC who want to participate in the election have thrown away their principles in exchange for power and self-enrichment. It would not at all be surprising for me to see some of them being appointed senators.

Zanu PF sees this as a perfect opportunity to split the MDC even further. So to Ncube and his faction, stop insulting our intelligence and wasting our time by your absurd justifications. If you want to lead an ignorant electorate I’m sure that Zanu PF will gladly accept you in its ranks.

Dingilizwe Nyathi,


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