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Mliswa needed challenge

I AM sure that I’m not the only one left puzzled by your lead sports story, “Controversy dogs Mliswa”, (Zimbabwe Independent, December 2-8), written by Darlington Majonga.

ns-serif”>If that story was meant to save any credibility left of both Temba Mliswa and the Zimbabwe Cricket leadership, which reading between the lines appears was the only intention the writer of the story had, then I think you only succeeded in inflicting a dent on your own credibility.

We all know the level of destruction Mliswa has caused, and how ZC has taken to the brink a game that was the only positive projection left of Zimbabwe in the international community.

To allow Mliswa acres of space to rant and rave unchallenged like he did, making unfounded claims that former captain Tatenda Taibu’s “performance had deteriorated”, and labelling people “Rhodesian”, I think projects badly on your paper.

I find it even more disturbing that your paper, in particular the concerned writer, has failed to go deeper and report fairly on this cricket saga.

That is very surprising, considering how your otherwise well respected publication has tackled more sensitive and harder political issues, exposing the rot in our country and trying to make our increasingly dictatorial leaders more accountable, without fear or favour.

I feel it is a big shame that sports can make people start questioning your independence.

TP Sibanda,


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