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Let’s all support Makosi

I STILL remember Makosi Musambasi as my junior at the University of Luton a few years ago when we were students. She was a bubbly girl who giggled all the time.

e=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>My wife used to say about her: “Akazhandukira”. Whatever it meant, to me she was real and never pretended to be something else or somebody else.

I find it absurd that some sections of the Zimbabwean community and press cannot move on with the times. Makosi is such an entertainer to the United Kingdom audience in the current Big Brother series, a programme that has seen its viewers increase to an all-time high of five million.

Instead of us coming out in full force to support one of our own up-and-coming reality television entertainers, we are busy discrediting her, using all sorts of crude language. Come on Zimbabweans, let’s come out and support one of our own daughters of the soil.

Whether she is a lesbian or not, it is none of our business but her personal choice. Culture and traditions change with the times. We cannot be stuck in the 19th century.

Makosi is an intelligent girl who is destined for higher things in life and would be an ideal ambassador at a time when we need good publicity from all angles of the world. She has shown us that as an immigrant Zimbabwean, it is still possible to break into the UK celebrity status scene just like what our famous footballer Peter Ndlovu did during his time in the English football circles a few years ago and musician Rosala Miller who had a number-one single, Everybody is Free, for over three weeks on the UK singles charts.

Maxwell Masuku,

United Kingdom.

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