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It’s not about colour

I HAVE been following the articles on the coloured people with interest and believe that Bertram D Tabbett took on a very controversial and sensitive subject but hit the nail on the head by exposing the institutionalised attitude and perc

eptions that exist with respect to Zimbabwe’s mixed-race population.

The mixed-race question is not about colour nor is it about race. The critical issue revolves around rights – human rights, minority and indigenous peoples rights; the rights of people in a country, nay a continent, where racism, bigotry, tribalism, ethnic cleansing and genocide are outlawed; the right of an individual, of a community, of a minority to declare himself or herself proudly African and, in the matter under discussion, 100% Zimbabwean.

Human rights must be protected by constitutional and international law from which humankind evolves and transforms into a more dignified and noble being.

The preoccupation and pettiness of having coloured people choose either black or white is a totally false premise and, with respect, denigrates and degrades these people into a class where their rights to determine their own identity are prescribed and proscribed by others who should not be arrogantly dictating terms.

This coloured thing is not about colour, it is about accepting that we in Zimbabwe subscribe to a higher democratic standard that celebrates and embraces the diversity that exists within the realm of mankind and humankind.

Sharon Francis,


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